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When Your Looking For Driving Lessons from a local instructor then Alan’s Driving School should be your first choice. Alan has been learning people to drive for over 30 years and is one of the recommended independent schools in Heckmondwike, Batley, and Dewsbury. The schools, Driving Instructor Training Establishment is Approved by the D.V.S.A., Inspected by ORDIT as an official training establishment and provides first class tuition at an affordable price. Contact driving lessons near me today.

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At Alans Driving School he knows money can be tight for customers so he keeps his costs down by offering some great deals. Alan also has a choice of two cars, a Volkswagen Polo which is manual and Toyota Yaris for people who would like to pass the automatic car driving test.

Driving Lessons Near Me

Automatic Driving Lessons

Alans Driving School knows that learning to drive in a manual car is not for everyone – for many people, automatic driving lessons are a better option. Maybe you have had a driving lesson in a manual car before and found it too difficult, or maybe you have a disability that stands in the way of changing gears. If you recognise yourself in one of these scenarios, taking an automatic test could be a better choice.

As there is no clutch pedal, an automatic car may be easier to drive – especially on more congested city roads – and if you are having difficulties managing the gears in a manual car, you may find that taking automatic driving lessons is a faster route to your licence. Some people just prefer automatic transmissions for city driving as busy traffic means more frequent gear changes for manual drivers.

Before you decide whether to book driving lessons in an automatic or manual car, it’s important to keep in mind that an automatic licence does not permit you to drive a manual car once you have passed your test. That means that going for an automatic now may limit your choice when buying or renting a car or van in the future.

At Alans Driving School, he can offer automatic car driving lessons in many areas of Wakefield, Bradford, and Leeds, contact Alan on the number provided for availability near you.

Whether you choose automatic or manual driving lessons you can be sure that you will receive the same high standards of tuition from Alans Driving School.

Manual driving lessons

Our Volkswagen Polo has a Manual Gear Box but Manual driving lessons are the most popular type of driving lessons for learner drivers. Unlike driving an Automatic vehicle, in a manual car, you’ll learn how to operate gears by using a Clutch Pedal and a Gear Stick to select the right gear at the right time.

The majority of learners take lessons in a manual car, and it’s very likely that your first car will have a manual transmission.  Once you’ve passed your driving test in a manual car, you’ll also be qualified to drive cars with automatic transmission too, but if you learn in an automatic car you’ll only be able to drive other automatic cars. You’ll also find that manual cars are generally cheaper to buy and run than automatic cars, so by learning in a manual car, you could save money in the long run.

Manual Driving Lessons
Driving Lesson Near Me

Alans Driving School

Alans Driving School covers most of Wakefield, Morley, and Cleckheaton and is known for its high standard of driver training with learner drivers and successful pass rates. Alan’s long-term aim is not only to teach people to drive but to “save lives on our roads”, i.e. Safe Driving for Life. This website is packed with information to ensure we put you on the right road to driving success.

Each year thousands of people start out along the road to becoming an Approved Driving Instructor (A.D.I.). This means for most the start of a new career, or in some cases a second.

In our experience, too many people do not fully understand what an Approved Driving Instructor does in terms of a job. Nor do they fully appreciate the knowledge and skills needed to be effective and an efficient instructor.

Alans Driving School provides a wide variety of specialist driving tuition including pre-driver training, automatics, refresher courses, driving instructor training, intensive courses, pass plus and tailor-made courses for individuals and industry.

Driver Training Establishment

If you are looking for Driving Lessons in a Specialist Driver Training Establishment then this information should help you, our main interest is teaching people to drive and courses are designed for any stage of your driving career from beginners to re-tests & from refresher lessons. There is a driving course that is suitable for everyone.

If not we can tailor make a course especially for you or your organisation.

We can arrange both Manual and Automatic tuition.

Daily lessons pick up from home or residential courses dependant on your availability and location.

Call Alans driving lessons for more information on available courses

We understand that the driving test is getting harder and longer. You now have to reach a very high standard to pass the new test, which is why our courses are specially designed to help you, reach that high standard.

Driving Lessons Near Me
Driving Lessons Near Me

Pass Plus lessons

Pass Plus driving lessons can be taken by any full licence holder at any time, it will give you a Positive Driving style which is both enjoyable and safe, helping you gain quality driving experience. It will also help in areas where you may have had little or no driving experience and also help to reduce the risk of you being involved in an accident.

By choosing to take part in the Pass Plus course, you have shown that you want to be a skillful and responsible driver. Enjoy it!

It is for you to discuss with your instructor the best method of payment for the course.

“Pass Plus” is a training scheme linked to insurance discounts that will benefit you, the NEWLY QUALIFIED DRIVER.

It can save you money on your car insurance premiums.

Useful books and videos include: The Highway Code, The Driving Manuel, Know your Traffic Signs, “drive” video, etc.

Information on Advanced Driving Lessons

Advanced driving is the ability to control the speed of the vehicle safely, systematically and smoothly. Using road and traffic conditions to make reasonable progress unobtrusively, with skill and responsibility.

As agreed between the IAM, RoSPA and DVSA etc, Advanced Driving requires a positive but courteous attitude and a high standard of driving competence based on concentration, effective all round observation, anticipation, and planning. This must be coordinated with good handling skills. The vehicle will always be in the right place on the road at the right time, traveling at the right speed with the correct gear engaged and can always be stopped safely in the distance that can be seen to be clear”…
Alan’s Driving School offer information on where to find high-quality Advanced Driver Training, updating drivers with modern driving techniques, techniques that will help to reduce crashes, incidents and your vehicle maintenance costs. Training and advice are also available for the following examinations, or just for your own personal satisfaction.

For more information on Advanced Driving Lesson Can Be Found Here.

Driving Lessons Near Me
Driving Lessons How to pass your Theory Test

ay Help Passing Your Theory Test

The Theory Test for learner drivers was first introduced by the D.S.A. (Driving Standards Agency) in 1996 which is now the D.V.S.A. Its purpose is to better prepare provisional licence holders for driving on today’s demanding roads and all of the responsibilities that come with being a full licence holder.
Since its introduction, the test has been updated several times and now includes a Hazard Awareness test and the use of a SAT NAV, which tests candidates on their reaction to hazards when driving or riding.

To assist Alans learner drivers he may have available for you to borrow various videos, books and CD’s to help you with your tuition for the Theory test (and Practical) we suggest for the theory test that you study at home with assistance from your instructor when required. Separate theory training is available in most areas by special arrangement (If you are finding the test difficult to pass on your own).

Book Your Theory Test Online Here

Driving lessons are offered to anyone holding a current valid provisional license. (Certain overseas licenses acceptable also) (Application forms for a provisional license/photo – card (D1 & D750) are available from your local Post Office.

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Useful Information

Alans Driving Lessons have put together some really useful links for you to have a browse around the You Gov website, there’s some cracking information on there about learning to drive which we always encourage our customers to have a browse through as part of the preparation for learning to drive. We hope you find these useful, just click on the links below, they will open in new windows for you:

Learning To Drive

The Theory Test

Choosing A Driving Instructor

Introduction to the Highway Code for Drivers

The Practical Driving Test Explained

The Pass Plus Scheme for Car Drivers

Alans Driving Lessons - DVSA
More About Driving Lessons Near Me

More About Passing Your Driving Test

If you suffer from any physical or even visual disorder you must ensure that the D.V.S.A to consider you fit to drive, and are happy to issue you with a provisional licence.

The restrictions are laid down in a booklet “Medical Fitness to Drive” which is published by the Medical Commision on Accident Prevention. This sets out the standards used by the D.V.S.A to assess fitness to drive. If you are unsure whether you will be allowed to drive or not you should approach your Doctor for advice or information.

If you have a hearing impairment there is no reason why you cannot learn to drive either a manual or automatic vehicle. You are likely to take longer than the average learner, and obviously learning in an automatic vehicle would be slightly quicker. Although any instructor can teach deaf or partially deaf we have instructors who have been specially trained and have experience in teaching pupils with this problem.

Theory Test

When you are ready to take your theory test special arrangements can be made for those who are dyslexic or have other reading difficulties, who are deaf or who have other physical disabilities and also for whom English is not their first language. These arrangements must be made in advance when booking the test. You must also confirm that the test centre is accessible if a wheelchair is required.

Driving Test

When you are ready to take your practical test you must also at the time of completing the booking form disclose all relevant information as requested. For example in the case of someone who is profoundly deaf by disclosing this information the examiner can then be properly prepared and extra time can be allocated for the test to allow for slower communication.

Road Safety

Alan’s School of Motoring are totally committed to improving the safety of our roads. All of our customers are made fully aware of the potential dangers on the road before they get in the driving seat. Alans Driving School is proud that all of his customers are safer drivers as a result of his attention to detail on road safety.

With traffic accidents being one of the highest killers of our young people, He sees it as jis responsibility to educate and inform all his customers of the dangers of drink driving, speeding, and negligence at the wheel (using mobile phones etc). Alan Driving Lessons also stress the importance of wearing seatbelts which no doubt saves thousands of lives every year in the event of accidents.

If you choose to learn with Alan’s School of Motoring, you will be learning from the best in the business, it is Alan’s philosophy that once you understand and are aware of the potential dangers in driving on the road, you can concentrate on your driving skills. Alans Driving School promises that you would become a better, more confident and safer driver if you learn with him.

For more information regarding our focus on road safety or to book a course of lessons, please either call Alan on 07876 337105 or complete the short form on the contact us page.

Driving Lessons with Alans School Of Motoring

Why learn to drive with Alan?

  • Over 30 Years Experience in Dewsbury and Batley
  •  You will learn to drive at a pace that suits you
  •  Your driving lessons will be on a one-to-one basis
  •  I  use modern, dual-controlled cars
  •  I am CRB Checked
  •  You’ll only be taught by patient, friendly and encouraging driving instructor.

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 by Leah Clarke
Finally Passed

After doing lessons with different instructors over the years I never felt confident enough to put in for my test with them. After a few months with Alan I put in for my test and passed first time. It's not just about learning to drive it's about finding someone your comfortable with. I found that with Alan.

 by Sophie
Thank you Alan!

Alan is an amazing Driving instructor. He had a lot of patience with me and I went on to pass my test first time. Thank you. I would highly recommend Alan's Driving School.